Last night “The Colbert Report” put its own spotlight on ‘GamerGate,’ as Stephen Colbert sat down with Anita Sarkeesian to discuss the now publicized debate surrounding the portrayal of women in video games. Colbert began the show on the topic, joking about the surrounding issues that have become entangled in the controversy including everything from “feminazis,” to the “traditional gamer lifestyle.” Colbert also made a few jokes regarding how the major media-networks have been covering the topic, showing clips of other talking heads. Colbert reminded everyone that the “traditional” gamer-lifestyle already has rules ordained from God saying, “God ordained that it is one man, one joystick. Read your Bible, folks. It’s right there in Sega Genesis.”

Feminist Frequency founder, gamer critic and women’s rights supporter Anita Sarkeesian was a guest on the show. She has become the leading voice for many that support a change in how women are portrayed in video-games since the GamerGate controversy began. “We are talking about ethics in gamer journalism,” Colbert said to Sarkeesian. “Do you understand how huge that is? I mean, what if there was no ethics in Hollywood journalism? If we can’t trust ‘Entertainment Tonight’ or TMZ, where would we be?”

Sarkeesian said, “is a compelling way to reframe the fact that this is actually an attack on women….It’s actually men going after women in really hostile, aggressive ways. That’s what GamerGate is about – it’s about terrorizing women for being involved in this industry, for being involved in this hobby.”