Microsoft is jumping into the wearable market with both feet, offering a fully-functioning device tied to almost everything you do on Windows. Featuring Microsoft Health, the device offers new insights, “based on data gathered from the fitness devices and apps that you use every day.” The band is also designed to work with multiple phones, other third-party fitness wearables and services. Users will be able to track goals, heart rate, steps, calorie burn, and sleep quality. It can also help you with email previews and calendar alerts and so much more.

For those interested in your heart rate, the Band will track you 24 hours a day, it also offers Sleep Tracking, GPS Run Mapping, E-mail monitoring, Calendar updates, and it even works with Cortana. You can set a Timer or Alarm, and if you have Windows Phone 8.1, you can ask Cortana to take notes or set reminders with your voice. “She’ll give you driving directions and keep you on top of traffic, sports, stocks, weather, and more. She is ready to help whenever you need it,” the company states.

You will get notifications for incoming calls, texts, social updates, weather, finance, and other apps as well, all from your iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone. Users will also get to choose between multiple background designs and colors, check the UV Index, and features popular fitness standards like a steps tracker.

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