After a year of marketing and Activision teasing all of the new features and upgrades, the latest installment to the Call of Duty of franchise is just days away from launch. The new title, ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare,’ will release in early November and the new Season Pass Trailer is now available online.

There are several editions available for players this year, each with more free goodies and DLC than the previous model, but if you want to save on future DLC then you will want to get the season pass. This year’s season pass will offer four DLC packs, as well as early access to bonus DLC weapons. Players that pick up the pass will also get Atlas Gorge, a bonus Multiplayer map available immediately at launch.

Fans can get the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition, as well as other premium editions by checking out the special editions and pre-order bonuses available at authorized retailers like Amazon.