Just before the album is set to officially release, Taylor Swift’s 1989 album has leaked onto the internet. This will be Swift’s fifth studio album in her career, but the first that is centered more on pop-music rather than her signature country styling.

The leak was uploaded to Zippyshare.com and even though many people thought the original leak came from France, (many of the track’s titles were listed as numbered “pistes,” or “tracks” in French) later reports indicate that Canada is to blame for the early release.

In the end it doesn’t matter where the illegal copy came from, Swift has been touring the globe promoting her two hits off the record “Out Of The Woods” and “Shake It Off.” Her latest promotional effort was in front of 15,000 fans on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this past Thursday. Swift has some of the most die-hard fans in the industry, and when news of the leak first Twitter, most of them pledged not to listen to the wrongfully-gotten album, and will wait for the official release.

There will most likely be a few number-one hits spread across the album, if Swift’s earlier work is any indication. Fans only have a few more days before the official release, and shortly after that we will see just how many records T-Swift breaks this time around.