Taylor Swift was looking just as gorgeous as ever when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the performer shut-down Hollywood Boulevard late Thursday evening as she sang to 15,000 screaming fans. On an outdoor concert stage, Swift wore a terrific black two-piece for the event, all to promote her new album, 1989.

Swift performed her top-hit “Shake it Off” and her more recent hit “Out of the Woods,” and quickly spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about her new album and all things T-Swift. Kimmel talked about one of Swift’s first interactions with the show stating, “Taylor came to our show with her mom and her guitar and somehow she got ahold of the guy who books the bands here, Scott Igoe, and she asked if she could play a song for him. And he said, ‘No, you can’t be in the greenroom, we serve alcohol here. You’re too young. You have to go.’ So he threw her out,” Kimmel said smiling. “He threw Taylor Swift out of our building.’ ”

This will be Swift’s fifth album, set to release on Monday, October 27, a departure from her Country roots and a offering a more pop-focused style. “I’m more confident about this album than I’ve been about any of the other ones, which is a really nice feeling,” Swift said. “But it’s almost like you’re releasing this thing into the world that you spent two years with and it’s just been mine for two years and now it’s everybody else’s. You know, sending it off to college.”

If you missed Swift you can catch her when her album drops on Monday on Good Morning America, or on the Late Show With David Letterman on Tuesday, or you can hit the The View on Wednesday, Oct. 29.