With a limited-release expected to launch in just a few weeks, Paramount has unveiled the first trailer for the studio’s new crime-drama ‘The Gambler.’ The film stars Mark Wahlberg, Jessica Lange and John Goodman, Rupert Wyatt directing the project.

In the film Mark Wahlberg plays a literature professor with a serious gambling problem. Eventually this problem causes Wahlberg’s character to come across the mob, which threatens his life, and those around him. As I stated before this film is only scheduled for a limited release, so you will have to check-in with your local cinema if you want to catch it early. Fans of Mark Wahlberg can catch the film when it hits theaters nationwide in 2015, but an exact date for that premiere has not been given at this time.

If you would like to catch “The Gambler” during the limited release time-frame, check your local theater starting on December 19.