We love finding more options for our readers when it comes to upgrading your computer peripherals, and we know that shopping for them can be a daunting task. When we stumbled across the Tizona Mechanical Keyboard from Tesoro, we were intrigued by its design choice to offer a detachable numpad, and after testing it out, we found that it can be the perfect fit for a lot of different scenarios.

First of all, mechanical keyboards in general are pretty terrific. They are usually the go-to design when it comes to PC gaming. The Tizona offers the same gaming-grade mechanical key switches that you would find in much more expensive models, and the switchable, USB-linked numpad offers something that other company’s rarely try.

Tesoro itself has been making a strong push in North America, they offer lower-price points that attract gear-happy buyers that are looking to upgrade or replace their current setup. There are a lot of great features that are tucked away within the keyboard that you may not notice when just browsing online, and in these features is where the Tizona really shines.

A 3 thumb macro keys sits below the spacebar, a radical placement and one that I wasn’t comfortable with at first while testing. Many peripheral manufacturers are still experimenting with where macro keys should be installed on a keyboard, and over the past few years we have seen them border the sides of keyboards, sit above the function keys, or sit above or below the numpad. The spacebar is a unique choice, and after a few hours of playing around with the settings and options, I grew to like having the quick-fire options available from either hand.


Of all the notable features, the detachable keypad is what makes the keyboard standout from most options available on the market today. The numpad can be connected through the USB ports on either side of the keyboard (go lefty, go righty). Fixtures and magnets help secure the numpad in place, so you don’t have to worry about wobbling or cracking during your extreme game play sessions.

The keyboard is rock-solid, I did like it’s general weight and sturdiness. I didn’t come across any sliding or creaking going on while I was hammering away, and the switches are extremely responsive. The feel of the keys isn’t anything new, a simple font and finish grace the tops of the keys, but the sturdiness of the keyboard was a welcomed experience.

Media keys, in my opinion, are dropping out of usefulness. There was a time that I loved them, but as time has passed I find myself using them less often. The Tizona offers a few, for those that still rely on them for quickly opening up applications, including an Internet Browser, a media player and an email client. How important these inclusions are is up to you, but adding them in was a nice optional feature.

One feature that has come about recently that I do love is “Gaming mode,” or the ability to quickly disables the Windows key on keyboards. There is nothing more annoying to me then having my game quickly minimize and throw me into the desktop while I am playing. Many popular keyboards now offer the function and I was happy to see that the Tizona included the feature as well. That being said, the Switchable NKey with Full-NKey rollover function is still my favorite feature of the device.

There is also a 2.0 USB HUB located on the keyboard, so you can save some cable space and have a headset or charger (depending on if your device is compatible) ready to go without having to snake it around to your desktop.

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that the numpad on the left hand side makes more sense than the right (even for right-handed players). With a mouse being so crucial in almost all gameplay, having the numpad near your left-hand was a terrific experience, and really I think that’s the backbone of this option.

At $90 the standard keyboard is a comparable option, and it offers a terrific new-way to play. I found the keyboard to be a solid choice while playing, and if you are looking to upgrade your gear, the Tizona should definitely be on your list of comparisons if you are looking for something new.

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