Never one to slow down, Selena Gomez had a bunch of visual treats ready for her Instagram followers ahead of Halloween. The performer/actor teased a few pictures from her photo shoot over this past weekend, showing off a lot of skin under a revealing swimsuit and blazer combo. How Gomez finds the time for all of these sexy photo-shoots we may never know, she has spent the last few weeks bouncing between promoting her single, showing up with Justin Bieber, and promoting her new film ‘Rudderless’.

Gomez stopped short of spilling what the photo shoot was for, we do know that it was with Aris Jerome. She was dressed by popular stylist Chloe and Marie-Lou Bartoli, and she of course is just as beautiful as ever. You don’t have to take our word for it thought, you can see the one of the several pictures the artist posted on social-media below.

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