As one of the first creators and driving force behind the e-reader, Amazon has continually thrived in the market, despite competition from every tablet and large-screen smartphone that has been released since 2007. This year Amazon released The Voyage, which offers a new high-resolution display, and a combination of the award-winning services that Amazon has coupled with previous tablets and e-readers in the past.

The display itself is really one of the key features of the upgrade, it’s so clear that it’s only rival with text is an actual book. The text rendered on the Amazon Voyage is at a resolution of 300 pixels an inch, and while brand-new phones and other high-end tablets may be able to match that, they simply cannot match the contrast and precision that the Voyage offers. Other devices also can not match the powerful market-share that Amazon offers in books and services for its members.

The Voyage is closer to an actual book than any other device has reached to date. It simply offers the clearest text, the brightest contrast and the easiest to read screen ever offered, even in direct sunlight.

I found my time with The Voyage to be effortless, at $199 and up it is a bit on the expensive-side when compared to other tablets that offer more features, but if reading holds a special place in your schedule, then the Voyage is worth every penny. Simple features like offering eight font-sizes are greatly appreciated in the new model, perfect for those of us that hate tiny text on a page. Easy sharing to other devices through Amazon Cloud, sharing with family members and utilizing Amazon’s enormous library of titles are all crucial examples of why Amazon is the dominant company in the e-reader market.

The Voyage isn’t just an updated screen however, Amazon’s laundry list of extra-features is what made the Kindle such a success in the past, and the Voyage offers all of them. Features like X-RAY can give you details pulled from IMDB and other sources to fill you in with extra information about the book you are reading. You can look up the definition of words with Smart Lookup, just as easily as X-Ray and Wikipedia offers you more info on the characters and settings of your story as you are reading. You won’t even have to leave your place, it’s an amazing experience and one that only Amazon can offer you.

The Voyage was designed to be the best e-reader on the market, and I don’t think any other device can rival it as an e-reader. If you find yourself jumping into books more often than you are jumping into games, then I think the Voyage is the perfect solution for your wonderful reading habit.

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