Social Media has become a powerful and precise tool for keeping tabs on friends and family while you are separated, and it is one of the most widely used platforms for alerting others of your situation during/after a natural disaster. Now Facebook offers a specific tool to alert friends and family that you are ok, should you find yourself in, or near, a crisis.

The easy to use check-in service is called “Safety Check,” and Facebook announced that it will be available worldwide to all 1.32 billion users on both desktop and mobile platforms. As I mentioned before this is already a common practice, but with Facebook’s tool in hand, it not only reminds you to alert others, but streamlines the process, while also notifying you that a situation is near; should you not even realize it yet.

After activating the tool on your account, Facebook uses your location data linked to your account. If you are within a certain radius of a known disaster Facebook will check-in with the user asking if they are ok. Confirming that you are safe will allow Facebook to notify your friends and family.