It’s one of the better storylines in the Captain America comic-book arsenal, and now it’s coming to the big-screen. Earlier tonight Marvel tweeted the above graphic to tease fans of an upcoming announcement from the studio, that announcement is that Captain America and Iron Man are going to war.

It was already known that Robert Downey Jr. was in final contract negotiations, but it was not clear in what capacity. Now it seems that he will join “Captain America 3.” That means Downey Jr. can finally wear the Iron Man suit and play Tony Stark once again, this time in the third installment of the ‘Captain America’ trilogy. That film isn’t scheduled to begin shooting until May of 2016.

Robert Downey Jr has already signed-on to play Tony Stark/Iron Man in the upcoming sequel to Marvel’s Avengers film, this one called ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ he will also reprise the role for the trilogy piece “The Avengers 3,” but that film has yet to be named.

As you can guess from the title of the storyline, Civil War is a battle between Iron Man and Captain America, or Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. In the comic-books the two alter-egos argue about “the Superhero Registration Act,” a law that requires everyone with superhuman powers to register those powers with the U.S. government. The law is for the “protection” of the human-race, but many superheroes in the comics see it as a way to keep track of their powers and keep them under control.

While Tony Stark has no problems with the law (he is one of the few characters that publicly tells others that he is Iron Man) he goes one step further and becomes the driving force behind implementing it as well. Rogers on the hand is outwardly against the idea, and becomes an outlaw with other rebels that refuse to give up their names and identities.

Not only could this film open the doors to the fourth Avengers movie, it could be the perfect launching point for Marvel’s other films like Doctor Strange, new X-Men characters, or even Ant-Man with Paul Rudd making a cameo to speak on the matter and introduce their characters.

As of right now, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo will co-direct the third Captain America movie, the duo also spearheaded “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” The script will be written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely as well as the Russos.