It’s already a wonderful time to be a Star Wars fan, with new movies on their way over the next few years, and now a new animated series to fill the void that ‘Clone Wars’ left us after it drew to its completion. I loved ‘Clone Wars,’ and so did many of the toughest critics, the show even managed to break into the Daytime Emmy Awards’ race on several accounts during its five-season run.

When I heard of ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ I was excited that more Star Wars content was on the way, but I also feared that it couldn’t live up to the legacy that the Clone Wars left in its wake. With a movie already available to watch, and a few episodes in, the show is starting to speed-up, and things are looking pretty good for our animated heroes.

The first few hours of Rebels has a lot to do, there are several main characters that the show has to introduce, as well as set a tone and deliver a few backstories. On both sides of the force there are new characters, and on both sides of the Empire’s war with the Rebel Alliance there are even more, but the show did a great job at keeping things moving throughout the process.

The story really picks up with tonight’s episode ‘Droids in Distress,’ where you will see the heroic duo of R2D2 and C3P0 join the rebellion for a short time. The story for this episode has everything that you should be looking for, galactic intrigue, talk of the Jedi, AMAZING cameos, and a touching moment with one of the Rebel-crew.

Tonight is also one of the larger action-scenes in the series so far, and although it doesn’t compare to some of the later Separatist blockades that Anakin had to fight his way through in Clone Wars, it’s a great start for our small crew. There are also more of those wonderful moments that shed light on this time-period in Star Wars history. The series takes place between the Clone Wars and episode three, and since neither the show or the films are going to follow the Expanded Universe to the letter, anything can happen.

It’s all new to us and to fans, and the Jedi order picking up the pieces after the rise of Darth Vader makes an amazing backdrop for the series, and that is already a major story point in tonight’s episode. I don’t want to give too much away, but if you haven’t jumped into the series yet, tonight is an excellent night to do so.