With a few major projects lined-up and a terrific performance about to debut in theaters (from her new film ‘Camp X-Ray’) Kristen Stewart has been reborn. The once considered teen-actor has turned her twenties into a staging ground for new experiences, joining a wide-array of foreign and indie-films that have showcased her unique talents far better than her ‘Twilight’ films ever could.

While promoting X-Ray Stewart answered a few off-topic questions from the press, one interview in particular involved the recent new-feminist debate that has been going on across mediums, with different celebrities chiming in on the topic almost weekly. Everyone from Emma Watson to Taylor Swift and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have joined in on the debate, and Stewart brought her own insight to the press-event earlier this week.

Stewart stated that anyone that opposes the feminist branding is simply, “really ridiculous.” Stewart asked, “That’s such a strange thing to say, isn’t it?” during the Daily Beast interview. “Like, what do you mean? Do you not believe in equality for men and women?”

“I think it’s a response to overly-aggressive types,” Stewart added. “There are a lot of women who feel persecuted and go on about it, and I sometimes am like, ‘Honestly, just relax, because now you’re going in the other direction.”

“It’s a really ridiculous thing to say you’re not a feminist,” Stewart stated, capturing an idea that many also feel and securing her rise to awesome in what is sure to be a terrific 2015 run for the actor.