If you loved the ‘LEGO Movie,’ and more importantly the antics of the Caped Crusader voiced by Will Arnett, then there is great news in your future. Warner Bros. will be making a new spin-off film for theaters, starring the Dark Knight in LEGO form. This according to the latest report from THR which broke the news earlier today.

According to the same report, the Batman focused film will take the slot of the planned sequel. Warner Bros. is still planning to make a proper sequel to the hit film ‘The LEGO Movie,’ but as for now, the next installment will follow the adventures of Batman. So don’t worry Emmett fans, Warner Bros. will still have your continuation of the main character’s lovable storyline, but you will get a little Batman before that.

There is no confirmation at this point, but Will Arnett will most likely reprise his role as Batman, and Chris McKay is set to direct the “LEGO Movie” sequel and this new project as well. As for the LEGO movie franchise itself, fans can look forward to seeing “Ninjago,” set to premiere on September 23, 2016, the not-yet-titled “LEGO Batman” set to launch in 2017, and eventually “LEGO Movie 2″ which will premiere in 2018 or even later.