Adding another look to the popular Disney Fairy Tale Weddings bridal collection, famed designer Alfred Angelo has unveiled the official dress modeled after the look from Frozen. Sure to be a popular choice across America, young women can choose yet another princesses to draw their wedding inspiration from starting next year.

The collection in full will be another choice offered from Disney Consumer Products, the company has made wedding-gowns inspired from some of Disney’s most iconic franchises. Other works include Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Jasmine, Rapunzel and other Disney characters, but Elsa’s “Frozen” dress is sure to be the hot-ticket item next year. You may notice that white isn’t really a staple in this collection, the trend of not wearing white has been steadily growing in the United States, and the company is taking full-advantage of the trend with the new collection next year. You can pick-up an ivory option if you would like to stick to the more traditional methods, the same option was available in previous collections.

While red is the option for Snow White, you won’t find Elsa in anything other than frost Blue. “Along with the silhouettes and embellishments of each gown, color gives us another way to bring the magic of Disney’s imagined storytelling to life and allow brides to express their individuality on their special day,” said Michele Piccione, chief creative officer.

Starting in 2015, the Disney Fairy Tale Weddings bridal collection by Alfred Angelo will be available in January. You will be able to find them at Alfred Angelo stores in the U.S. and Disney approved specialty retailers across the globe.