We are one year away from the year that Marty McFly travelled to in Back to the Future II. One short, measly year away from hoverboards, Jaws 19, and Cafe 80s. While it seems pointless to time travel to 2015 at this point, we have the next best thing for you.

If you are any sort of Back to the Future fan at all, whether you’re die hard or casual, you should recognize GeekLabs’ Flux Capacitor Car Charger. Modeled after the device from the movies, the car charger, plugs into your cigarette lighter port and offers two USB ports along the side (one 1A and one 2.1A for tablets and larger devices).

An On/Off button activates the effects, which replicate the lights and “fluxing” effect of the flux capacitor. While it’s a very cool effect, the lights can be somewhat distracting when using it at nighttime. Also if you have a newer car with built in USB ports, this charger doesn’t really serve a purpose beyond having a cool prop in your car.

Regardless, as a diehard BTTF fan, I’m more than happy to have a flux capacitor in my car, and if anything, it’s a nice little conversation piece. It’s funny to think that this originally started as an April Fool’s joke this year. Props to GeekLabs for making it a reality.

You can purchase your own Flux Capacitor Car Charger at thinkgeek.com for $24.99.