Codemasters release a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming F1 2014 today. Check out how the game captures all the action of this season! This year’s F1 offering will reflect all the rule changes for the 2014 season in addition to new and returning circuits, a new driver evaluation system which will suggest settings which will suit a player’s skill and re-grade the difficulty, a new Very Easy Mode, and Career Nide options which allow players to opt out of practice and qualifying sessions if they so choose.

F1 vets can still choose to do any and everything and play through a full season. SO I’ll see you on the track, full season and assists off! F1 2014 will launch on October 17th for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. Codemasters will also introduce a brand new F1 title for Xbox One, PS4, and PC with more details incoming.