Taylor Swift has confirmed her latest gig, the seven-time GRAMMY winning superstar is leading a new Diet Coke campaign that “can make any moment brighter.”

Diet Coke’s new “Get A Taste” campaign celebrates fans’ unwavering love for the taste of Diet Coke and poses the question, “What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke?” The integrated campaign showcases the unique, delicious taste of Diet Coke by taking mundane moments and making them a bit brighter, bubblier, and a whole lot more enjoyable – just like a Diet Coke. As part of the campaign, Taylor will encourage fans to “Get A Taste” of the world they love.

Diet Coke will debut a new “Get A Taste” commercial featuring Taylor in mid-October. During the spot, Diet Coke will offer fans an exclusive taste of an unreleased clip from one of Taylor’s new tracks off her highly anticipated, fifth studio album, 1989. This clip cannot be heard anywhere else.

The TV spot is just the beginning of Diet Coke’s collaborations with Taylor. Throughout October, she will grant Diet Coke fans a behind-the-scenes look at the ongoing “Get A Taste” campaign via digital and social media exclusives. Diet Coke also will help build fan excitement for the release of 1989, available now for pre-buy at TaylorSwift.com and in stores on October 27.