We reported earlier this week that HBO had chosen Colin Farrell to be one of the stars of HBO’s hit series ‘True Detective,’ and now we can confirm that Vince Vaughn will be joining the cast as the other co-star. HBO confirmed the casting earlier today in a press-release, this will be the second season of “True Detective.”

Also announced, Justin Lin will direct the first two episodes of the season. In the series Colin Farrell will play the role of Ray Velcoro, a complicated detective whose is torn between his allegiance to a corrupt police department and a mobster that he in debt with. As for Vince Vaughn, he will play the role Frank Semyon, a long-time criminal who has his, now legitimate, empire at risk when the murder of a business partner shines a light on his once forgotten criminal past.

The series will take place over eight episodes, each an hour-long. Production on the series is set to begin this fall in and around California. “True Detective” was created and written by Nic Pizzolatto. More casting announcements and further details on the season will be released as the series moves farther along into production.