If you were one of the millions of Americans that tuned into The Miss America Pageant last week, then you were no doubt bombarded with statements from the program on how much money it raises for women in America to attend college.

The company claimed that is offers $45 million in scholarship-funds to women each year, and that they give more scholarships to women than any other organization. Sadly they are correct about one of those figures, but not the one you may have been hoping for.

After some intensive fact-finding from the team behind ‘Last Week,’ the series found that the Miss America scholarship fund counts all of the money that could be awarded to a contestant, not the money actually given.

For an example of this, the show used the figures from Troy University. The Miss America’s scholarship fund stated that it provided $2,592,000 in its 2012 tax records. The problem with that was the scholarship fund counted the fact that 48 of the contestants could have received funding, so it simply multiplied the $55,000 tuition 48 times to come up with the number, even though not one single contestant was actually given money to go to the school.

The worst part of all it was the fact that the Miss America’s scholarship fund actually is the largest organisation to raise money for scholarships women, a fact that Last Week hopes to change.