If you are worried about others spoiling the biggest plot-twists of your favorite fall TV shows, then you should abandon all social-media and avoid the internet entirely until you catch up. In a survey released today, conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of Netflix, 21% of Americans say it’s perfectly fine to share major plot twist, immediately, on social-media. The worst part of that statistic, is that the number is only expected to grow.

With the advent of DVR and online viewing, the television watching public has collectively decided that customers can choose when they will watch the latest episode of their favorite shows. In the survey 13% reported that a spoiler actually made them more interested in a show they hadn’t seen or weren’t planning to watch. Spoilers are actually helping to promote some shows, the world has gone mad.

Netflix partnered with cultural anthropologist, Grant McCracken to better understand why and how the culture of spoilers is evolving. In conjunction with McCracken’s research and a Harris poll Netflix has identified 5 distinct spoiler personalities and we have listed them below.

The Shameless Spoiler. The one who’s totally uncensored. As far as they’re concerned, everyone watches on their own schedule, so once something’s out there it’s fair game.

The Power Spoiler. The one who does it for sport. You can count on this frenemy to introduce you to your next TV show, but they’ll be sure to remind you who saw it first.

The Coded Spoiler. The one who’s the master of saying it without saying it. They speak the language of spoilers so fluently, they can sneak them into conversations where only another fan can find them.

The Clueless Spoiler. The one who lives in their own innocent world. If they’ve seen it, everyone else must have too, so it never dawns on them they’ve casually revealed a huge plot twist.

The Impulsive Spoiler. The one so excited they just can’t hide it. They’re thrilled to be talking about their favorite show…so thrilled they gave away the next 3 seasons in a single breath.

Netflix created a fun website to find out what type of spoiler you may be. Feel free to play along with us at spoilers.netflix.com and let us know where you land.