Hackers are targeting more celebrities this week, uncovering private photos and sharing them with anonymous sites all over the internet. The latest report comes from Uproxx indicating that more photos uploaded to 4chan, the same site used in the previous celeb-nude scandal, have been shared among the site’s users.

This time 4Chan is reacting differently, removing any images that admins find as they are uploaded to the servers. The pictures include supposed pictures of Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens and the U.S. soccer star Hope Solo. It appears other celebs were hacked as well, though as before, fake pictures are being shared along with supposed real ones.

4chan released a new copyright infringement policy that prohibits sharing private pictures that are expected to be stolen, but keeping them off the site has proven to be difficult.

Police and the FBI are investigating the previous leak that caught Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and other famous celebs in a large security breach involving iCloud storage, no other details were released at this time.

more info: uproxx