A new superhero is headed to CBS and it’s one that almost everyone should recognize. Fans should be happy to see that a new comic-book series is coming to a major network, and it will finally follow a female protagonist for once, and it will be Supergirl herself. The network has confirmed that is has signed a series commitment to writers Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler for “Supergirl.” The series will be based on the well known character from DC Comics, through Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. The series will be executive produced by Berlanti, Adler and Sarah Schechter.

The series won’t be too much of a change from the original storyline, it will still have Kara Zor-El, the cousin of Superman, as she takes on the famous Supergirl alter-ego. She, like Superman, escaped her home planet before its ultimate destruction. In the series Supergirl knows of her powers living on Earth, but keeps them hidden among our planet’s population. It isn’t until she turns 24 that starts putting them to use.

Berlanti has been one of the key-members that made the CW show “Arrow” a success, he is also one of the primary forces behind that series’ spinoff show ‘The Flash’ premiering this fall. With ‘Arrow’ and the ‘Flash’ on the CW, the network will also be adding “iZombie,” based on DC’s Vertigo. There is also ABC’s vrey popular ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’ and that show’s new spinoff series “Agent Carter.” Adding to the list of competition will be Fox’s ‘Gotham’ series and NBC’s ‘Constantine’.

TNT is putting together “Titans,” based on the TEEN TITANS storyline from the DC Universe, while Netflix is adding four shows based on Marvel characters over the next few years. Netflix also has ‘Daredevil’ premiering next year on the service as well.

More info on production and casting will be released at a later date.