Take one of the most successful songs that Disney has ever put into an animated feature, and put have it sung on one of TV’s most popular music-based series, and you have the makings of some very entertaining television.

FOX announced that Lea Michele will sing her own rendition of “Let It Go,” made popular from Disney’s Frozen, at some point during the final season of Glee. It was Lea Michele herself that hinted at the song’s inclusion on the Fox program, which was later confirmed with the network

Of course true fans of the show know that Michele has had a connection to Frozen all along. In the series Michele’s mom (played by the talented Idina Menzel) is also the singer of the original track used in the film.

Frozen will be all over television this fall, not only on FOX, but on Disney-owned ABC as well. On that network the actual Frozen characters will come to life and head to ‘Once Upon a Time.’

In OUAT, Georgina Haig will enter the series as Elsa.