Things are not going well this year for the NFL, or its sponsors. One of the leading sponsors this season for the company is CoverGirl, and things could not be less easy, breezy or beautiful.

Covergirl is the the “official beauty partner of the NFL” and as such has paid millions of dollars to launched a football-themed ad campaign aimed at women who enjoy the sport. The ad campaign pushed everything from make-up tips to eyeshadows, and even included suggestions on how to match your favorite team’s colors with your makeup.

Over the last few days, disgruntled fans with a knack for photoshop have turned the campaign into a viral catastrophe for the company, all in protest of Roger Goodell. This is the result of now infamous video leaked by TMZ that featured Ravens running back Ray Rice as he violently knock out fiancée Janay Palmer in a hotel elevator.

The idea that the NFL had already seen the tape, and NFL Commissioner Goodell’s decision to only suspend Rice for two games, has caused severe backlash for the NFL. Now as a protest, that uses the “Get Your Game Face On” slogin for Covergirl, look more like domestic violence posters.

The image you see is from Twitter, where thousands of people are Tweeting and ReTweeting the image with the hashtag #GoodellMustGo.

Even with the controversy in full swing, Goodell still remains the commissioner.