It’s probably not the best indication of our country’s priorities but this week’s Twitter chatter heavily revolved around this year’s quirky Miss America Competition, even out Tweeting some of the season’s biggest series.

With a unique audience above 48.2 million, the Miss America Competition easily took the number one spot this week on Twitter, outshining the Presidential Address with its 40.4 million. Miss New York Kira Kazantsev won the Miss America pageant Sunday night.

You can compare that to this week’s network TV numbers, leading the way was FX’s Sons of Anarchy with 2.7 million unique audience members providing 10.2 million impressions. CBS scored third place with its ‘Fashion Rocks’ event boasting 2.4 million unique audience members on the popular social-network this week.

MTV landed in the number five slot, this according to the official Nielsen rating system, with only 1.8 million UA members.

This is on the event and series side of Twitter, if you look at the sports side things get a lot more active. The Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens saw 6.7 million UA members at the number one slot, with NFL the New York Giants at Detroit Lions locking in the number two spot with 6.5 million.