A food allergy can be a constant struggle in your everyday life, and although millions of people are affected by food-related allergies, it can often feel like you’re the only in the world at times. College is a social breeding ground, where students are packed in like sardines and expected to just co-exists under less-than perfect surroundings, while undertaking some of the most stressful situations in their young lives. Now there is a website meant for younger-adults to couple them with others in their same situation.

A new website was recently launched that is a dating/meeting site for young adults with food allergies and it’s called AllergicAttraction.com. It was designed for college kids to address the issues that come with managing food allergies independently. Teens and young adults are at the highest risk for managing their food allergies appropriately, and who they socialize with impacts how successfully they manage their allergies.

The cause is near and dear to the hearts of the founding partners, and they saw an opportunity in today’s social media market to encourage young adults with food allergies to meet and connect with others. They hope to create a growing network for young adults to come together and date in a positive and safe way.

The site officially launched on SEPTEMBER 8, 2014 and is the only dating site for young adults with food allergies.

more info: AllergicAttraction.com