Comedian and actor Will Ferrell is taking on the gaming world to help support non-profit organizations Cancer for College and DonateGames on Indiegogo. The challenge will also feature a live streamed duel on Twitch, the world’s leading live online video platform and community for gamers.

“It’s no secret the best gamers in the world have wanted a piece of me for years,” said Ferrell, actor, comedian and gamer extraordinaire. “Guys like CaptainSparklez are gunning for me. I think he might be an actual wizard and he’s looking for blood. I told them I’d give them the honor of competing against me with one small condition: we raise a whole bunch of money for a great cause like helping kids with cancer.”

The video game challenge aims to raise more than $375,000 to benefit two charities dedicated to helping kids with cancer: DonateGames and Cancer for College. Cancer for College is an organization that provides scholarships to cancer survivors. DonateGames is a charitable organization that leverages video games, technology and innovation to help children and families suffering from cancer.

“We’re so excited to be part of this awesome campaign,” said Craig Pollard, founder of Cancer for College. “This campaign is a fun way for people in the gaming community to participate in our mission of providing hope by raising more funds to give cancer survivors scholarships.”

“The last thing families in hospital cancer wards should worry about is the financial cost of their child battling for their life,” said Jim Carol, Founder and CEO of DonateGames. “We are continually humbled by the goodness of the gaming community, and ecstatic about the opportunity to raise funds in support of pediatric cancer.”

Should the target amount of $375,000 be raised, Ferrell will appear in person and play with a lucky gamer at Twitch’s offices in San Francisco, and the event will be broadcast live on Twitch. Each person who funds the campaign with a minimum $10 contribution will receive at least one entry and could have the chance to battle Ferrell in-person; air transportation and hotel are included as part of the Grand Prize. (Of course, contributions are greatly appreciated but not necessary to enter the sweepstakes. See Rules.) There are a multitude of perks for funders such as “Will Ferrell’s Super Mega UV Blast Max Gamer’s Sunscreen,” the “Will Ferrell’s Game Face” official event t-shirt, signed videogame memorabilia, and personalized thank you messages from Will.

“Gamers and charity go hand in hand. Over the past three years, the Twitch community has raised more than 10 million dollars for various charitable causes,” said John Howell, Director, Partnerships Development, Twitch. “Having Will Ferrell join us, Cancer for College and DonateGames in the fight against cancer takes philanthropy and gaming to a new level.”

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