While millions of gamers are learning just how glorious ‘Destiny’ looks on their new consoles, Havok has known for quite some time. The company was behind the Physics, Cloth and Script technologies that are helping to power Bungie’s highly-anticipated open world shooter, Destiny.

Making use of this technology, Bungie has created a persistent, dynamic online world which draws gamers into the lore, legends and evolving adventures of the Guardians of the last city on Earth.

In developing Destiny, Bungie continued their long-standing partnership with Havok by utilizing Havok’s world class support team to maximize the title’s use of Havok Physics, Cloth and Script starting from the early stages of the title’s development. Havok Physics comes into play with realistically simulated environmental collisions and vehicles, allowing the player’s speedy hovering vehicle, the Sparrow, to maneuver, bounce, weave, bump and float in compelling ways. Havok Cloth is used throughout the game to bring realistic motion to player garments, capes and coat tails, which are simulated realistically, interacting with the environment and reacting to character movement in a seamless fashion. Early production of the game utilized Havok Script for planning and rapid prototyping to help the team at Bungie build out the larger experience.

“Bungie games have always been about robust, complex simulations creating exciting new gameplay experiences. Destiny’s living world could not have been realized without Havok’s Physics, Cloth, and Script technology,” says Justin Truman, gameplay engineer at Bungie.

“It’s been great to partner with the talented Bungie team to ensure that the universe of Destiny offers a convincing and engrossing experience, and our support engineers were able to embed themselves within the Bungie team to ensure they got the most out of their use of Havok,” says Brian Waddle, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Havok. “Havok technology has been a perfect fit for a game as ambitious and epic as Destiny, because it helps streamline the development process and lets the artists at Bungie focus on realizing their vision.”

Havok Physics is an industry-leading tool offering robust collision detection and physical simulation technology, which has been used in more than 400 released titles from leading game developers. Havok Cloth is a performance-optimized artist toolset and runtime for creating believable simulation of cloth, hair, foliage and other soft body objects. Havok Script is a console optimized Lua compatible virtual machine designed for game development and includes an integrated environment for Microsoft Visual Studio, stand-alone debugger and on-target profiler.

In Destiny, players are cast as Guardians of the last city on Earth, who will traverse the ancient ruins of the solar system from the red dunes of Mars to the lush jungles of Venus. Able to wield incredible power, gamers must battle humanity’s enemies and reclaim all that was lost during the collapse of mankind’s Golden Age. In a story-driven universe, Destiny’s saga unfolds through grand tales and epic adventures by immersing players in a bold new universe filled with cooperative, competitive, public and social activities, all seamlessly connected.

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