You know him from “Dexter” and “Six Feet Under,” now Michael C. Hall is trading in plastic-wrap and blood stains for platform boots and a lot of glitter. He is doing this to play the role of the popular transgender rocker on Broadway in one of this year’s most popular shows. Hall will be taking the titular role in the play “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” he will replace Andrew Rannells after he departs from the production.

If you would like to see Hall’s performance, you will have to get ticket before January 4, Hall will be stepping in just as the holiday season approaches, the most popular time for our local theater district. The play has been a gigantic success so far, those boots that Hall will be filling were once worn by the always popular Neil Patrick Harris.

This isn’t Hall’s first trip to Broadway, he was in the non-profitable “The Realistic Joneses” and also hit the stage in “Cabaret” (back in 2000) and “Chicago” (back in 2002). Current frontman Rannells will hang-up his role as “Hedwig” on October 12, while Hall will begin the show starting on October 16.