If you are concerned for the health and well-being of Betty White, the beloved actor we all cherish, she is not dead. This report on her non-death comes from thousands of people on social-media sharing news that the actor has passed-away, leading the incorrect news to be the number-one Google search in the later evening on Wednesday.

The headline read “Actress Betty White, 92, dyes peacefully in her Los Angeles home” and it was from a headline published late Wednesday on the satirical fake-news website Empire News. The news came from a quote from the actress’ agent, and was meant to be about hair-dye not about death. All of these mixed signals eventually lead to people reporting that Betty White had passed-away and now you know that she is alive and well.

Not only was the news trending on Google, the world’s largest search engine, it was trending nationally on Twitter as well. White’s agent, Jeff Witjas, assured the Los Angeles Times that the actress was alive stating, “She is on the set shooting ‘Hot in Cleveland’ right now.”