If your house doesn’t have bluetooth locks, automated temperature controls that you can set with a smartphone, or lights that dim to your liking by simply walking into the room, then it’s time to upgrade your home’s software.

Amazon.com today announced that it offers a larger selection of connected products than any other store in its Home Automation store, which brings together thousands of items in a one-stop destination for research and shopping. Since launching the Home Automation store a year ago, Amazon has introduced hundreds of new innovative solutions, including exclusive offerings from up-and-coming start-ups, to help customers automate everyday tasks and remotely manage their homes.

“Home automation is on the minds of a lot of customers, as they want to take advantage of the latest technology for their homes. Deciding which products best suit their needs can feel overwhelming, so we’ve worked to simplify that process,” said Jim Adkins, Vice President for Home Improvement at Amazon. “We created buying guides, educational videos, and authoritative product pages so customers can find the right items – whether they are looking to monitor their home while at work or on vacation, manage their energy consumption via their mobile devices, or create the perfect ambiance for a family movie night. We have nearly doubled our selection of home automation products in the last year, and will continue to add to our catalog so customers can benefit from these innovations that make every day more convenient.”

To help customers find the products best for them, the Home Automation store offers a series of quick educational videos highlighting common scenarios, suggestions on how to create and manage an in-home network, and buying guides for popular home automation categories. To ensure compatibility, customers can shop by communication protocol or by controller. In addition, customers can use the new Solutions Center which includes product recommendations for a range of everyday challenges.

more info: amazon.com/homeauto