In yet another brush with the authorities, once again in his home country of Canada, Justin Bieber has been charged with assault. According to the Canadian Police, Justin Bieber has been charged with multiple crimes including, dangerous driving and assault.

These charges are the result of a traffic-accident that involved Bieber, the cars involved were a minivan and an ATV, the crash allegedly resulted into a physical altercation with the pop-star. This took place in the Ontario region of Canada and it was the Ontario Provincial Police that confirmed that Bieber was in the altercation on Friday afternoon. Bieber’s hometown is nearby in the area of Stratford.

Justin Bieber was released after a court appearance was scheduled for September 29, 2014 but this isn’t Bieber’s first court appearance, or last. Just this month he pleaded guilty to several misdemeanor charges of careless driving and resisting arrest in Miami Beach and there is also another case in Toronto that Bieber has to answer to as well, that case also involves an assault case stemming from a December arrest.