Talented actor, and popular ‘dancing-instructor’ in Westeros Miltos Yerolemou, is the latest casting decision made for the upcoming Star Wars film “Star Wars: Episode VII”. In the HBO series Miltos Yerolemou played the role of swordsman and teacher Syrio Forel, but that wasn’t his first role that required great sword work. His handiwork with the blade and his quick footwork means he will most likely be putting those skills to good use with a lightsaber when the film releases next year. The BBC was one of the first outlets to confirm the casting.

Although Miltos is a popular casting decision, his role isn’t expected to be a very large one in the upcoming film. Before hitting Game of Thrones Miltos was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company, he is a classically trained actor and an athletic addition to the cast.

He will also be in good company in the film, fellow Game of Thrones cast-member Gwendoline Christie (she plays Brienne of Tarth) will also be part of the seventh installment to the franchise. would have a role in the next instalment of the sci-fi saga.

Star Wars: Episode VII will be released in December 2015.