This holiday weekend was not a relaxing one for Jennifer Lawrence or a dozen other female actors and celebrities. An apparent massive collection of pictures stolen from iCloud accounts were released to the sharing social-site 4chan this week and at least one of the celebrities involved isn’t taking the intrusion lying down.

The publicist for Jennifer Lawrence has confirmed that the popular young actor has contacted the proper authorities concerning the stolen, then posted, nude photos taken from her devices. As mentioned before, nude images of the Oscar winning actress and others like Kate Upton, Victoria Justice and more began popping up across social-media sites on Sunday, when millions began sharing and posting the pictures on other sites.

In a statement released to the press Lawrence’s publicist Liz Mahoney described the posts as “a flagrant violation of privacy.” Mahoney declined to provide any further details about the matter with the press but it should be mentioned that in cases like this, it is very common for the FBI to tackle the case. This is because most internet-based hacking crimes aren’t local, and a federal jurisdiction takes precedence in the matter.