The next season of HBO’s hit series “Game of Thrones” may still be a few months off, but fans do have a new game from Telltale to look forward to in the future. Earlier today the developers released a new trailer for the upcoming episodic video game adaptation of the Game of Thrones story.

Trailer only acts as a reconfirmation of the game’s existence, you won’t find any terrific information about the game from the teaser but the words, “An epic new chapter in the saga of Westeros is about to be revealed” and the confirmation that it will release later this year in 2014. Considering that we haven’t heard much of the game since it was first announced, the 2014 release window is comforting to know.

Telltale games of course is the company that brought us ‘The Walking Dead,’ and ‘The Wolf Among Us.’ More information about the game, the characters and hopefully more about where in the timeline this game is set to take place will be released as we get closer to the holidays.