YouTube can be a wonderful launchpad if you are seen by the right people, and that’s exactly what happened to young Abigail Waite. WaterTower Music today announced the release of the digital single “If I Stay – Song Inspired by The Book” by Abigail Wate.

If I Stay author Gayle Forman, who served as an executive producer on New Line Cinema’s and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures’ film of the same name, found a video of Abigail singing the song on YouTube and immediately shared it by social media. WaterTower Music, who released the soundtrack for “If I Stay,” also embraced the song and has released it digitally on iTunes.

Miss Wate, an aspiring musician living in Nashville, Tennessee, stated, “Reading has been the inspiration for my songwriting for years. I read If I Stay for the first time when I was thirteen and the story was so captivating and moved me so much that I had to write a song just to get out ‘all the feels.’ While I was composing the song “If I Stay” my mind was still caught up in all the emotion of Mia and Adam’s world. It goes beyond anything I could have imagined for my first single to be a part of this amazing project.”

Released on August 29, the single for “If I Stay – Song Inspired by The Book” is now available at iTunes. The soundtrack for the film is also now available at iTunes and Amazon.