TLC is bringing back Kate Plus 8

Don’t expect an entire family reunion with the Gosselin clan, but it has been confirmed that TLC is renewing another season with Kate Gosselin and her adorable children.

TLC will air new episodes of “Kate Plus 8” formerly known as “Jon & Kate Plus 8” starting in December of this year. TLC made the confirmation that the show was returning, but did not specify if this was just a one-time event, or if it would return in the same format as before.

In either scenario that means that Kate, the twins (Cara and Mady) and the other sextuplets (Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel) are already filming new scenes.

As for where the kids are in their little lives, the twins are going into the 8th Grade soon (they grow up so fast!) and the sextuplets will be starting 4th Grade as well.The last episode of the former series aired on September 12, 2011. Since then both of the Gosselin parents have made headlines, neither of which are usually good, and the divorce of Kate and Jon seems as firm as ever.

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