Taylor Swift, Jamie King do the Ice Bucket Challenge, next up Selena Gomez

Unless you have been living on a remote isle without internet, then you probably have seen the leaders of our tech and entertainment industries dousing themselves in buckets of ice-water. This is to promote ALS, but it’s getting a lot of attention because people aren’t donating money, they are just raising awareness. Now raising awareness is great, but when you’re the most charitable celebrity of 2013 (Taylor Swift) you also have to bring along the stacks.

That’s just what King and Swift did, the duo are the latest performer to go under the ice this weekend. The country-music siren took a lot of ice, and let out a lot of screams before uploading the video for all to see.

This is all for ALS remember, so try and get through the dozens of clips you will still have to watch on your newsfeeds throughout the weekend. Taylor was nominated by Lily Aldrige, Ingrid Michaelson and Jamie’s husband Kyle Newman (Jamie King is also in the video) After completing the challenge Taylor chose Selena Gomez, Emma Stone and Ed Sheeran.

As for Jaime, he chose Lena Dunham, Topher Grace and the entire cast of “Hart of Dixie” to go under the bucket,

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