Genius GX Gaming SW-G2.1 2000 Speaker Review

One of the best time to shop for PC peripherals is the back-to-school shopping season, Brands like Genius, SteelSeries and Razer always have terrific buys this time of year, and this season we are happy to see external speaker rising on the most-wanted list.

For the past two years gaming headsets have completely taken over the audio market, and for good reason. Over the years has the technology improved, and the prices lowered, but they have also become much more versatile with our many devices.

Having a great pair of headsets is a must to any gamer, but having a terrific set speakers for endless gaming sessions is completely different experience. As the technology has improved for headsets, their overall weight has come down, but I know that sometimes I don’t want to be wearing a headset at all, or they get hot or I’m doing other things around the room, and I just want to hear terrific sound fill the room without wearing anything on my head.

Unless there’s someone else in the room, I much rather watch movies, TV shows and videos through speakers than with headsets. Headsets just don’t offer the same bass-rattling experience that speakers do. After all, when we see movies in theaters we don’t watch them with headsets, at least I hope we never do.

Since back-to-school shopping is already here and many people will be looking for new speakers with great deals, I thought I would research the options and pick my favorite bargain for this month. There are dozens of options to choose from when looking at speakers, and if you haven’t been shopping for them in a while the prices have really come down since the early days of 2-in-1 speaker sets.

I ended up selecting the Genius GX Gaming SW-G2.1 2000 set, there are a few different options in this line that you could choose from, But I really like the price point and the performance for the model.

If you are going to be using any speakers for gaming or media, then you are going to want bass. These speakers do an amazing job at rendering all of those bone-crunching blows, high-octane explosion tremors and wardrum echoing moments that fill games and movies. It’s probably the single best feature that the speakers offer, and it’s highly adjustable. All of this is made possible by the included subwoofer that comes with the set and gives you the best boom for your dollar (pun definitely intended).

At around $100, the entire set is about half the price of a high-end headset and does an amazing job at providing you with rich, full sound for any media that you throw at it. Instead of packing as much power as possible, Genius kept the price-point low, the style was kept clean and the average dimensions small-enough that the set would work in any war-station scenario.
The subwoofer is almost a perfect cube, an MDF wooden cabinet design coming in at 9.5 inches tall against 10.2 inches at its widest. At 9.2 inches deep it should fit on any shelf that you need it to, but you can easily place it on a desk without it taking up more space than an average laptop at the base.

Instead of everything going to the subwoofer there is a control box which makes this one of the best options for gaming, or for watching anything at a desk or workstation. Everything you need is only an arm’s reach away. On the front of the control-box you have your volume dial, a separate bass dial, a standby mode button, an input-source switcher (up to three) and your line-inputs. Obviously having the headphone jack, the mic input and the line-in input right on the front, is a huge convenience when switching up your gameplay experience, or if you want to quickly plug in your iPad or smartphone to play media through the speakers.

The speakers are rated at total output power 45 watts (RMS) and they are a steal at $99. You can get a lot more power by doubling, or even tripling the price, but if you are looking for a great system to augment your gaming-habits, then this was our reaction.

From games to movies is when the subwoofer is the star of the show, the satellite speakers do a great job at keeping up with dialog from television shows, or in-game, but they won’t win awards for picking up absolute clarity in country-music or folk-albums.

When the bass starts shaking and it hits a certain level the blue-scorpion on the front illuminates on the subwoofer, offering a popular pulsating option if you prefer it. There is zero set-up installation with the software, in fact there is no software, so you can use your favorite audio-manager to handle the speaker fine-tuning. This is something that we actually prefer over installing yet another program, but of course your response may vary.

The backs of the satellite speakers have installation grooves so you can install them on a wall, but unless you are also going to hide the wires, we suggest keeping them on the shelf/desk. For the money I think that this is the best option for anyone that is looking to add external speakers to their computer. They are low-price, high performance and the plug-and-play functionality of the control box make them a no-brainer for anyone that hates dealing with cumbersome setups when switching inputs or devices.

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