Latest Red Band trailer for Sin City 2 highlights Eva Green

We would be hard pressed to find anyone that could get enough Eva Green, the raven-haired beauty is at the center of the latest clip released by the studio this week for the upcoming film ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill for’. Just a week before the big release and the studio is bringing out the big guns, and guns there are a plenty. You will also find handcuffs, people being thrown out windows, screaming and more but we don’t want to spoil it all.

She is after all, the Dame to kill for, and fans will get more than an eyeful of Eva Green’s latest performance when the film debuts later this month. Josh Brolin is seduced into helping miss Green in the film, who turns to her seductive ways in order to get out of a terribly abusive marriage.

The film has an amazing cast including Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Josh Brolin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michelle Rodriguez and more. The film releases on August 22 and was co-directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez.

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