Yahoo reminds us that Community season six is coming

The show must go on, for at LEAST one more season right? Coincidentally it was the community of ‘Community’ that brought the show to Yahoo. After months of struggling to remain at NBC, the peacock network finally said goodbye to the show after five-seasons, but that is not the end of the tale.

In a wonderful show of good-faith (and hopefully a wise financial decision) Yahoo picked up the rights to the series to keep it alive in the internet, and the day for the big premiere is almost here. When the series was close to its final days fans started the #sixseasonsandamovie social-media campaign, it failed, and all went dark and Alison Brie .gifs were at an all time high.

That is the basis for the new season six trailer, that Yahoo is your knight in shining armor, and in this instance it’s true, so let them have their moment.

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