Selena Gomez gets dramatic in Rudderless trailer

With a few hit albums out of the way, Selena Gomez can get back to the big-screen. The young actor did a very impressive job with her latest role in ‘Rudderless,’ the first film directed by William H. Macy.

In the film moviegoers will meet Sam, played by Billy Crudup, as a man who recently lost his son and is forced to deal with tragic-event alone. While Sam struggles, he finds a connection to his son through the music his son once loved while he was alive.

Gomez plays Kate, a once-girlfriend of Sam’s son that is also dealing with her grief. Inside the mass-collection of music stored away in his son’s room are demo tapes and lyrics, which Sam learns and takes to the road. Sam eventually meets another musician on the road named Quentin, played by Anton Yelchin, and the two set off on the road together.

Felicity Huffman also stars in the movie, who just happens to also be the directors wife (awww).

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