Photobucket and The Giver, looking for a splash of color to reward fans

Even if you have only read Lois Lowry’s brilliant YA novel ‘The Giver’ a single time, you know how important color is to the setting of the story. Last night was the premiere of the film, held at the Ziegfeld Theatre, where anxious fans got to see the stars of the project (Jeff Bridges, Katie Holmes, Brenton Thwaites, Odeya Rush, Taylor Swift and more) as they attended the premiere.

‘The Giver,’ is the latest release from The Weinstein Company (TWC) and Photobucket and TWC are looking for some creative individuals to get the movement started. In support of the film’s release, TWC and Photobucket have partnered together to create a “Color Splash Contest” where users can add color to their favorite, most meaningful photo using the “Splash” tool in the Photobucket editor.

Photos can then be uploaded to Photobucket, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #TheGiverContest to be automatically entered to win prizes including a signed poster by the cast or an edition of the book the film is based on, signed by bestselling author and Newbery Medal winner Lois Lowry.

The Giver, starring Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Brenton Thwaites, Alexander Skarsgard, Katie Holmes, Odeya Rush, Cameron Monaghan and Taylor Swift is in theaters nationwide August 15th.

The contest runs through August 31, you can get more information about the contest at

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