Activision, Sledgehammer discuss Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Multiplayer

This afternoon dance across the world got to see the first footage of the new “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” Multiplayer component. Activision also released a new trailer showing off a lot of the new maps and the many new features that the game will bring with this installment.
Activision was quick to point out that this title was made via a three-year development cycle, is also the first time that Sledgehammer Games Will take the lead in the development process. One of the biggest changes coming to the game are the exoskeletons, these will allow players to “boost jump, dodge, dash, slide, slam” one another during multiplayer. The trailer that was released today also spent a great deal of time showing off future-tech in the game, which Activision states adds, “cutting-edge capabilities and a brand-new weapon class as part of nearly 350 custom weapons. Offering a new reward system, including more than 1,000 in-game player rewards, and nearly limitless customization options that create more than 2 billion unique player combinations.”
“With Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare we introduced the first new lead developer to the franchise in a decade and our first three-year development cycle, with one mission: bring breakthrough innovation to the franchise, while also honoring its roots. We feel Sledgehammer Games has risen to that challenge,” said Activision Publishing, Inc.’s CEO, Eric Hirshberg. “Advanced Warfare introduces significant new mechanics to multiplayer that truly change the game, but more importantly just speaking as a gamer it’s a hell of a lot of fun.”
“When we set out to envision the 2054 world of Call of Duty, we spent a lot of time focused on evolving the multiplayer – offering all new experiences to the fans,” said Glen Schofield, co-founder and game director of Sledgehammer Games.
“We can’t wait for players to discover all of the new movement, mechanics, equipment, and modes built into Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, as well as the depth of customization layered in for the most personalized Call of Duty multiplayer experience to date,” added Michael Condrey, co-founder and head of development of Sledgehammer Games.
Activision is also bringing back a few favorite features, like the Pick 10 create-a-class. This time around there will be even more customizable options than before with Pick 13.

“Gamers can now choose their favorite scorestreaks, which are fully customizable, and include them in their preferred class, raising the bar on personalization from top to bottom. The introduction of co-operative scorestreaks also allows friends to experience Call of Duty multiplayer together in a new way, as for the first time ever, two players can now join a scorestreak and work co-operatively.”
Also announced today was the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition, which offers fans for the first time 24-hour early access to the game starting November 3rd. The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Day Zero Edition is available on all platforms to customers who pre-order the game and pick up on day zero – at no added cost.
The Collector’s Edition copies of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare will also be available for Day Zero early purchase and play, and will include the special Day Zero Edition content. In addition to the early access of up to 24 hours in some territories, the Day Zero Edition also includes two new, custom weapons as well as the previously announced Advanced Arsenal incentive.
The game will have 12 modes on day one, (Capture the Flag and Hardpoint are there don’t worry) as well as, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search and Destroy, but also new modes like Uplink and Momentum and War mode.
Sledgehammer Games is also adding more personalization With Create-an-Operator, a new character system, which allows players to personalize their soldier however they want from heads, helmets, eyewear, shirts, vests, kits, gloves, pants, knee-guards, boots and even the exoskeleton itself. Create-an-Operator is bolstered by a brand new reward system called Supply Drops. The more someone plays, the more they earn. Supply Drops can contain anything from custom weapons to unique character gear in different classes of rarity, all giving players multiplayer bragging rights.
In addition to showing off their Supply Drops gear in-game, the new Virtual Lobby lets players display their hard-earned challenge rewards and rare items, while waiting for the map to start. Billions of possible combinations exist, allowing gamers to personalize nearly everything on their in-game operator from head to toe. Players can finally see what their friends and opponents are bringing to the match, as the Virtual Lobby is a quick and easy way to size up the competition and also plan your next move in create-an-operator.

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