Bella Thorne, Tyler Blackburn and friends create Sims for Sims 4

Late last night the winners of the 2014 teen choice awards were announced, among those in attendance where Bella Thorne, Jason Derulo, Becky G and Tyler Blackburn, all of whom stop by the Sims 4 event to immortalize themselves into little Sims.

The stars took pictures and shared their Sims with fans, and overall did a very good job in just a couple of a minutes. They used The Sims 4 Create A Sim (CAS) tool featured in the upcoming game of the extremely popular franchise (more than 175 million lifetime copies sold).

This is the same tool that players will be able to use to make their own Sims, but we wouldn’t blame you if you had a tiny Bella Thorne, or Tyler Blackburn running around your house as well though. Players will be able to create virtual representations of themselves in “15 minutes or less” according to the publisher, EA, all through just a few clicks, drags and drops.

You can check out the collection above and you can read more about the upcoming title on the official site at

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