Zuleikha Robinson joins Kevin Bacon in The Following

Fans of Zuleikha Robinson will see her as a series regular on the new season of ‘The Following’. Robinson was once on Homeland, had a short storyline on Once Upon a Time and was also in ‘Rome’. She will be joining the FOX thriller in a major role in starting in season three.

FOX is still keeping much of Robinson’s storyline a secret at this point, but she will be brought on as a series regular, not a guest star. As of right now sources like Deadline state that Robinson will play the role of ER doctor Gwen. She is a mother of young girl, age seven, and will be a love interest in the series.

As for the other half of that love-interest, that will be FBI Agent Hardy (played by Kevin Bacon). In the story he falls madly in love with Robinson, and hopes to someday settle down and live a normal life away from the terrible situations that he continues to find himself in.

We are assuming that does not happen if the show is picked up again for a fourth season.

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