Kristen Stewart Camp X-Ray trailer, a first look at her best role

At the Sundance film Festival we spoke about Kristen Stewart’s upcoming film ‘Camp X-ray’ calling it one of her best performances to-date. Months later that film is finally set to released through IFC films and you can get your first look at the project, thanks to a trailer that was released today.

The film did remarkably well at Sundance, which is why it is getting a distribution to theaters at this time, and Kristen Stewart’s role was highly praised. Casting Stewart seem to be pretty easy decision, the role of an emotionless and statuesque prison guard fits the stereotype that many point-out when talking about the young-actor, but she excels in all aspects of the new role.

In the film Stewart plays the role of Pvt. Amy Cole, a Gitmo Guard just off the docks. Stewart learns more about one detainee in particular (Peyman Moaadi) and the relationship of the two has Stewart questioning the ethics of her new found job.

Camp X-Ray premiered at the Sundance Film Festival but will hit theaters on Oct. 17.

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