Lucy Hale’s sizzling on Cosmo talks 50 Shades of Grey Audition and Music

Lucy Hale continues her marketing tour promoting her new album this week, the star of ‘Pretty Little Liar’ and rising country-star is looking TERRIFIC on the cover of Cosmo this month.
Hale talks about her new album and the honor of playing the Grand Ole Opry, the most prestigious stage a country-music star can book,
Hale spoke about the pushback she received when putting the album together. “So many people didn’t want to touch the project with a 10-foot pole,” Hale said in the interview. “Literally, I had people laughing and saying, ‘You’re making an album? Good luck.’ … But if you sit down and talk music with me for 10 minutes, you know that’s my passion.”
Lucy-Hale-CosmoOuch. You can imagine that a lot of people are regretting that discussion as the actor-turned-singer climbed the charts with two hits.
Not just a country-sensation, the 25 year-old is also the star of ABC Family’s hit series ‘Pretty Little Liars’ the networks dominating series that has been renew for at least two more season at ABC. That came as a bit of a surprise to Hale, who told Cosmo, “”On the one hand, it’s like,Great, cool! I have a job for another two and a half years.But then it’s kind of weird to have your life planned out. I always try to remember how blessed I am and stay grateful.”
As for that 50 Shades of Grey audition, the star seems happy she didn’t get it. “That audition was so uncomfortable! It’s exactly what you thought it would be: a big monologue but very, very sexual,” Hale recalls. “There were some things that I was so embarrassed to be reading out loud, but it’s one of those things where you have to commit wholeheartedly or you’re going to make a fool of yourself.”
“It’s as vulnerable as you can get besides running naked down a hallway!” Hale said jokingly about her music, compared to 50 Shades. “My heart is on my sleeve when I’m singing my songs.”

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