WWE 2K15 shares details on career mode, gameplay options

Ever since the WWE video-game franchise rebranded under the “2K” moniker, its career-mode has been nothing short of a wrestling fan’s dream come true.
From 2K13’s “Attitude Era Mode” to last year’s “30 years of Wrestlemania Mode”, WWE 2K has made sure that they took advantage of the WWE’s extensive video archives to present the most authentic product possible.
A few pieces of news have been revealed today, starting with some new information on the upcoming 2K15’s Story and Career Modes. Story Mode will be presented as the 2K Showcase, which will give gamers the chance to play through two epic rivalries from the WWE’s past. 2K has yet to reveal which rivalries these two “episodes” will focus on, but I can imagine they will be something huge like Rock v Austin or maybe something like Hogan v Andre. The wrestling fanatic in me hopes it’s something more like Shawn Michaels v Bret Hart or even something like the Dudleys v Edge and Christian v Hardys.
2K15 will see the return of a “traditional” Career Mode, dubbed MyCareer. This mode has been modeled after NBA 2K14’s MyCareer and adapted to the WWE universe. There aren’t too many details right now on MyCareer other than the fact that it will focus on your created wrestler and will only be featured on the PS4/Xbox One versions of the game. MyCareer will also feature authentic voices and motion capture from WWE Superstars.
Speaking of motion capture and authenticity, over 50 days worth of mo-cap went into the development of 2K15, with WWE Superstars recreating their signature moves. WWE 2K15 features five times the animation data of 2K14, which should translate to better and smoother movements (hopefully less robotic transitions as well). A major point of focus this time around was the color commentary (thank goodness!) where over four times as many lines were recorded. Maybe this time we’ll have less repeating lines.
To finish things off, we have also included the first in game screenshot of WWE 2K15 which you can see on IGN.

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